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When's the 2016 exam? Wednesday 8th June, am.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Weds 18th April lesson

Consolidation + development of work yesterday + on your 1st MediaReg essay.
Follow these simple steps...
  1. Get together with your fellow pro- or anti-PCC researchers from yesterday
  2. For the 1st 5-ish mins, each quickly run through your main findings from yesterday
  3. Following this, pick out FIVE specific arguments for or against the PCC, depending on which you researched.
  4. Your main task now is to further research these 5 arguments (using books, blog, googling, Guardian, PCC, PCCWatch, TabloidWatch, HackedOff etc) + gather sufficient detail + evidence to enable you to present a case in which you meet the 3 exam assessment criteria: Explanation, Analysis, Argument; Use of Examples; Use of Terminology. Examples would include quotes, but especially PCC rulings, with specific detail on which clauses of its Editors Code it based its ruling on. The Editors Code is viewabe on my blog and on the PCC website. PCC rulings are detailed on my blog, other blogs such as PCCWatch, many Guardian articles, the PCC site itself and can be additionally googled.
  5. The final 25 mins of the lesson will see you present these 5 arguments, which potentially will take us a big step forwards on addressing at least 1 of the 4 prompt Qs for this exam.
If you want to pass on any materials as email or as a comment to this post feel free, but this is one case where the visual nature of any work presented is irrelevant; this task is about working together; picking out the most pertinent points from a range of sources; working quickly to do so; and avoiding the temptation to simply copy/paste - an option not available in your exam, so of no more use or help here.

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