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Monday, 22 December 2014

OfCom: 2014 Most Complained about TV

Will Big Brother 'win' again? Read the report here.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Social media and pressure groups regulating press?

Time permitting, I'll expand on this - its a topic I've raised before with the Lord Prescott example - but there is a case to be made that Twitter in particular, but also campaigns like No More Page Three, are more effective regulators of the press than IPSO (let alone its rivals!).
I wonder how The Sun will respond to its editor being awarded sexist of the year...
Read more here.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

CONVERGENCE: BT to buy EE for quadplay offer

BT once owned mobile network O2, and made the historically catastrophic decision to spin it off and cash in. They're now set to correct that epic mistake and buy EE for £12.5bn, subject to OfCom approval - Vodafone, Virgin and others are likely to energetically oppose this.
The thinking is that while mobile operators profits have been falling, partly due to EU rulings limiting their rates, customers want to carry their broadband capacity out of the home and EE's advanced 4G network will give them a major advantage over all UK rivals on this.
Triple play has been the buzzword for a long time - offering landline, broadband and TV in one package, but now quadplay, very common across the EU, is the new corporate and strategic buzzword - adding mobile to this mix.

OfCom new chief is Treasury civil servant

It's out of keeping with the long trend of both Labour and Tory governments appointing party members, donors, supporters to key media regulation roles, but then again the incoming OfCom chief has overseen the coalition's austerity regime at the Treasury.
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