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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P.Morgan says Murdoch scorned PCC

I read about this recently in The Phone Hacking Scandal book by Keeble & Mair (2012), though I can't recall which chapter - so I googled and found an account of the same point here.
Morgan chimed in: “Having been one of his editors, I know that whenever we tripped up over what are, by these standards, relatively minor indiscretions, in terms of breaching the Press Complaints Commission Code or whatever, he was always incredibly quick to be publicly censorious of me or whoever the editor was … and remind us forcefully, personally, ‘You’ve got to abide by the rules of the game.’”
Morgan’s on-camera testimony deviated significantly from his account of Murdoch’s attitude in The Insider, Morgan’s memoir of life on Fleet Street—in which Murdoch is portrayed as privately dismissive of all such rules. “I’m sorry about all that press complaining thingamajig,” Morgan quotes Murdoch as apologizing after publicly taking him to task, in one instance of misbehavior, for appearance’s’ sake. “He doesn’t really give a toss about it.”
The 1st paragraph above was Morgan on TV in July 2011; the 2nd quotes from his own book (which I've read - its entertaining and informative about the press generally, even if it is probably inaccurate on many counts) and shows the utter contempt Murdoch held for the PCC. He's publicly go through the motions of treating it and its rulings as a serious matter, but privately simply shrugged off and ignored (according to Morgan) it. In the book chapter I read, Murdoch went on to ask about his strategies for boosting circulation/profits; economics (and influence?) are the press baon's priorities this would suggest, not probity or quality, fair, responsible or accurate journalism. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the PCC.

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