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Friday, 6 April 2012

Hacked off campaign

Original logo
Lest you're unaware, Hacked Off is a useful source: a campaign group formed in response to the inadequate response of the Met Police (the subject of multiple inquiries and increasingly likely to lead to court cases), with Hugh Grant now their most prominent spokesperson.
Look closely at their logo, which reflects their distrust of the actual purposes of Leveson...

Here's how the Media Standards Trust describes them:
Can you spot the difference now...
Hacked Off was founded to campaign for a public inquiry into illegal information-gathering by the press and into related matters including the conduct of the police, politicians and mobile phone companies. Only a full public inquiry, we argued, could put the truth of the hacking scandal before the public and ensure that necessary lessons were learned. The Milly Dowler revelations on 4 July convinced the public and the political world of the need for such an inquiry, and the campaign is now focused on monitoring the Leveson Inquiry and pushign [sic] for press reform.
 Their own website: http://hackinginquiry.org/

btw, you add [sic] where a source contains a spelling error, denoting its not YOUR error

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