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Saturday, 25 February 2017

WEB 2.0 Citizen journalism Guardian of truth with unregulated press

Another example of the failure of formal (self-) regulation leading to alternative action online (see Prescott's successful tweet against Sunday Times made-up quotes, completely ignoring PCC/IPSO but getting swift action).

Readers of the Guardian newspaper, fed up at its drift away from accurate reporting, not least through its blatant antagonism to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, grouped together to create their own online news outlet.

This would clearly not be necessary if IPSO was doing the job its very name reflects: improving press STANDARDS - not least on accuracy, Clause 1 of the Editor's Code. Clause 1 breaches are routine for a right-wing press accustomed to throwing flak at left-wing leaders, policies and ideas, and building over decades British hostility to immigrants and the EU through content dripped of often inaccurate, sensationalist reporting ... but the (supposed) centre-left press, in the form of the Guardian, has joined in the ritual slaughtering of Corbyn, misrepresenting his speeches, selectively ignoring his successes etc.

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