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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

WEB 2.0 No vicTory for not so nice Shap(ps)

Fairly remarkable tale this. Stripping away any dis/like of the party or individual involved, it can be viewed as a powerful example of self-regulation.
Grant Shapps accused of editing Wikipedia pages of Tory rivals.


Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps, who could still face legal issues over allegations of giving false or mis-leading statements to Parliament, has been in the news for doing precisely what he said he wasn't: continuing with an Internet marketing/motivational business under the nom de plume of Michael Green, as exposed by the Guardian. One of his constituents - Shapps threatened several with libel suits if they persisted with stating he was also Michael Green - has changed his name by deed poll to stand for election as Michael Green.
This time he has been accused of using 'sock puppetry' (creating false online identities) to edit Wikipedia entries of himself, and a range of MPs. Wikipedia's internal moderator system has flagged this up and suspended the accounts, though the moderator involved faces a review over how he dealt with the case.
Shapps also denies doing this, as he did over Michael Green. Looks like a nice example of effective self-regulation.

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