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Thursday, 28 May 2015

EXAMS: A-grade essay examples

  1. The 2014 exam paper
  2. An A-grade exam script from an IGS student (June 2014)
  3. Exam board report (June 2014) 
  4. Sample scripts from June 2010 and June 2011

Below you will find an A-grade exam script from an IGS student, using Film (AS) and Music Video (A2) for the Q1a/1b (1b on M.Vid) and Media Regulation for the 2nd section (case studies: press, film (and TV, not used here)). You will also find the 'Examiner's Report' which considers what students did well/struggled with and is a useful read with lots of good pointers (this includes reflection on coursework too). You can find reports for every year (and more) here, on the OCR site.

First, here's the June 2014 exam paper:

Here's a past IGS student's A-grade (41/50) script (also 41/50 on section A: Q1a/1b):
“We get the media we deserve.” Discuss this statement and its implications for media regulation.
How well does contemporary media regulation protect the public?
We studied press, TV and film; the answer is on press and film.

Here's the exam board report on the June 2014 exam - you can find one for each exam here.

You can find these here, but they're not especially useful - this exam wasn't designed for January sitting and the highest mark here (NOT for Media Reg) was 63%.

For the remainder I've noted marks BELOW the embed, so you can try marking blind if you wish to (and can avoid reading the 1st page!!!).

One Media Reg script was provided (you can find the others here), using film and press as the case studies.
To what extent is contemporary media regulation more or less effective than in previous times?
Discuss the need for media regulation.

This was a low but secure B grade (36 marks = 72%).

Case studies were press and film.
To what extent are contemporary media regulated adequately?
Why is the regulation of media so complex?

MARKS: Secure A - exam board didn't provide exact marks, just that it was a clear Level 4 (= A/A* marks range, L3 = B/C, L2 = D/E, L1 = U):
This is a level 4 response. Its main strength is the range of rich, contemporary and relevant examples and how well they are utilised. These examples are discussed in dialogue with industry practice / regulatory frameworks and effects theories and in such a way that the critical perspective in hand is constantly foregrounded. The candidate understands, and articulates very well, the complexity of the debate. Terminology is the area that could be developed further, as there is room for more theoretical perspectives (eg Gillmor could be cited with regard to citizen journalism). As required in the specification, the majority of the answer deals with contemporary examples.

There is a June 2013 pack, but no Media Reg scripts in this.

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