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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Chris Morris: Brass Eye, Day Today, Four Lions

I'll come back to this, but just wanted to make sure there are easy to find links/materials on various Morris creations which are useful for showing up issues with both broadcast regulation (and the moral panic concept/process with the press) and film regulation.

Here's the controversial Brass Eye Special, "Paedogeddon", that got labelled filth and sick ("the sickest show ever") by a frothingly furious press, who of course demand freedom of the press from any government interference, but equally insist on government interference for the content (not the ownership!) of other media, in full so you can judge for yourselves.

REMEMBER, any celebrities or politicians seen pontificating in these shows aren't in on the joke; they consider their contribution to be worthy. Morris is deconstructing how the news media lazily rely on cliches and sensationalism to report on important issues, relegating accuracy, reflection or context to a lesser consideration.




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