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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

BBC appoint new director general Entwistle

Whilst OfCom regulates the BBC's output on 'taste and decency' grounds, the BBC is also primarily self-regulated (though as the government sets its funding, its questionable how independent it really is). The Director General is the main executive running the BBC on a daily and strategic basis, although the Chair of the BBC Trust (used to be the Board of Governors), currently the Tory Lord Patten, is also a key figure.
OfCom chief Dave Richards was widely viewed as the strongest candidate for the dir gen post ... but senior Tories made it clear they were opposed to his appointment (he used to be a Labour advisor). Again, it seems questionable just how independent the BBC really is from government influence.

'The pay for the role has been hugely reduced by more than £200,000. Thompson – who has held the role since 2004 – is currently paid £671,000, giving an indication of the general belt-tightening for BBC executives.
Entwistle's chances were at one stage thought to have diminished in the wake of the much-criticised BBC coverage of the Diamond Jubilee pageant, which came under his responsibility.' - http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/jul/04/george-entwistle-named-bbc-director-general

'There are no shortage of issues for the new leader to resolve – the most pressing is to ensure healthy relationships with the Conservatives and the coalition. In some right of centre quarters, there is still unhappiness that the BBC escaped with only a licence fee freeze, while the broadcaster is still easily Britain's biggest news provider, which is still reliant on what critics describe as a "television tax". BBC insiders also worry about the BBC's position versus rivals – increasingly small against Sky on one hand – but large compared to ITV and Channel 4.
There is a coda, though too. No way should a BBC director general be chosen like this with candidates met in a car and driven to different hotels to prevent leaks. Lord Patten, in trying to preserve secrecy, seems to think he owns the BBC. The chairman does not – and it would have been far better to have released the names of the final shortlisted candidates a couple of days before the interview so they can bear some public scrutiny. As it is we rely on the wisdom of the chairman and the handful of trustees he consulted; we shall have to see if that judgment is vindicated.' - http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/jul/04/bbc-george-entwistle-succeed

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