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Monday, 14 May 2012

OfCom research/presentation task

I'd like two groups to organise themselves and research either arguments FOR or AGAINST the statement that 'OfCom is an example of an effective regulator'.

You have several key resources for this:
  1. Use the Word docs embedded in the post at http://mediareg.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/ofcomitc-key-docs.html;
  2. OfCom's own website;
  3. Links lists on this blog (for speed, I've copied/pasted these below: just click on 'read more');
  4. OfComWatch website;
  5. Guardian's OfCom page (you can see latest 5 stories on the news gadget on this blog)
  6. Daily Mail (you could google 'daily mail' and 'ofcom');
I'd like each group to ensure that any one article is being read + annotated by ONE person only. You'll have this lesson and the 1st 10mins of tomorrow to piece this together into a digestible form, and prepare for a debate. Discuss your findings and identify each distinct argument, attaching appropriate evidence/sources. Both sides of the argument will be presented tomorrow, with some time for debate/to challenge the other side's points.
What kind of points might you address?
  •  comparisons to the PCC...
  • ...and ITA/IBA/ITC (its predecessors)
  • (in)dependence from government
  • any major cases/rulings/controversies that illustrate the above
  • does it do anything more than react to complaints?
  • has this changed since the Tory-led coalition took over in 2010?
  • why were/are the Tories so hostile towards OfCom?
  • look at the 2003 Communications Act that launched it - was this strangely favourable to any media conglomerates?
  • is OfCom a super-regulator? does it oversee too much/is it too powerful?
  • you may find googling 'new zealand media super regulator' (or australia) useful: are other countries seeking to bring media regulation under a single body?
  • what powers does it have, and what examples are there of it using these - look for examples that might back your case!
  • does it have too much/little regulatory oversight over the BBC?
  • what are its operating costs (the PCC make much of this), who pays for the running of OfCom, and how has its budget changed since Jeremy Hunt became Culture Secretary?
  • do the press think it does a good job?
  • how has it performed over Hackgate and the scandal over Murdoch's power? has it independently launched any inquiries of its own?
  • has OfCom coped with the challenges of convergence, one of the reasons for its creation?

The Links Lists:

ITC [OfCom predecessor as TV regulator]

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