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Friday, 9 March 2012

DailyMash: PM lipsyncs Blair

Be warned that the site carries some adult ads, but the Daily Mash is a skilful satire of some of the rubbish we see in every paper (yes, including the Guardian!) day in, day out; its name is closest to the Mail, but there's no left/right agenda here, just 'a pox on all your houses'. (Lest any of you are somehow unaware, a mash-up is a term made popular by bedroom DJs double-tracking 2 songs and playing both at once)
Here's a rather topical example:
Cameron Iran speech 'lip-synced' to video of Blair on Iraq
(with thanks to Mr Thompson for bringing this to my attention)

Read More:
Wikis: mashup (video); mashup (digital); mashup (music).
The Daily Mash is a UK equivalent of the now giant US spoof news site, The Onion

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