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Monday, 20 June 2011

Flak/PM visits Murdoch/Caplin libel case/Regulation as left v right

quick trawl of the grauniad today reveals several useful articles:
  1. The Home Secretary forced to abandon liberal sentencing reduction plans partially due to right-wing tabloid flak;
  2. The Prime Minister of the UK democracy visits Murdoch's company just before the takeover of Sky is due to be finally ok'd. As does the Leader of the Opposition. Who has the power here?
  3. Carole Caplin, ex-aide to Cherie Blair, is sueing the Mail for libel (it stated she'd tried to sell inside accounts of PM and his wife). She could win £250k - isn't this (imposing financial penalties) what the PCC needs to be doing (as OfCom does)?
  4. ConDem Energy Minister (LibDem MP) Chris Huhne sets out a nice summary of the left/right split on regulation (typically, the left want more, the right want less [except for censorship which the right tend to favour]): 'Huhne said: "Between the obsession with micro-management and target-setting displayed by the Labour party, and the fixation with deregulation and scrapping rules just because they are rules on offer from some rightwing ideologues, we Liberal Democrats have a real chance to define an evidence-based, intelligent and distinctive approach."
    A source said: "We are taking issue with this ideology that less regulation is inherently better. Regulation can be incredibly important. When the process comes to a head in the autumn, we are certainly not going to be letting regulations go. We will be fighting and we have quite a lot of ministers on our side."

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